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Fougeron Architecture recently completed work on an unusual home that’s located on California’s Big Sur coastline. Dubbed Fall House, it boasts sustainable features, an enviable view of the.

Seamless and sustainable architecture in Big Sur, California. By Kim McFayden 6 years ago. Even the most ardent greenie would be hard-pressed to critisize the seamless landscape integration of this home design! Set into the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur,

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The landslide cost roughly $1 billion, an estimate that included revenue lost due to a drop in tourism. Big Sur relies heavily on vacationers for money and Highway 1 as its main artery.

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Big Sur is one of the most amazing places on the planet as far as we’re concerned. Aside from the spectacular, natural coastline, there is something very modern about this little slice of heaven. Its natural beauty is timeless and, yet, ever changing with the dynamic coastline and free wildlife.

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In an interview with Jion Ghomeshi from February 2010, Reed discusses his exploration of photography and his evocative black and white images captured in Scotland, Denmark, Spain, Rome, China and Big.

What others are saying "The hand of architect Mickey Muennig at work with this music studio, adjacent to the owner’s home in Big Sur, CA" "Taking cues from the flora, fauna, and rocky cliffs of Big Sur, California, Mickey Muennig’s brand of organic architecture doesn’t stop with the terrain."

Basketball Stadium by Joel Grimes on 500px.com Monique, Big Sur. by Joel Grimes on 500px.com Joel Grimes by Joel Grimes on 500px.com This, I feel, is an area that is misunderstood too often. An over-e.

The analogy to buying a car works here, just as it does in the ‘how not to…’ article: If you really love the idea of driving down the California coast’s Big Sur highway with the top down, then you’ll.

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Active projects include work on the Big Island of Hawaii and Maui, as well as several along the coast of California—from Sea Ranch to San Francisco to Big Sur. He received his architecture degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

A FogNet station in Big Creek Reserve in California’s Big Sur collects fog. Credit: Peter Weiss-Penzias They worked only in blackness so there would be no decomposition of mercury from sunlight, movin.

The Jackson Family Retreat sits among wooded canyon walls in Big Sur, California. Wild nature is now partially domesticated by this unique two-story home of 232sqm. The concept developed by Fougeron Architecture followed a clear intention: construction shouldn’t disturb the existing fragile.

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The Post Ranch Inn, perched on the cliffs of Big Sur, boasts astonishing beauty and romance – a place that will stir your soul and awaken your senses.

“But we thought the area was cool — and frankly, it was affordable.” Berman finds that “Crate and Barrel’s ‘Big Sur’ dining table is rugged and industrial, and the Hans Wegner ‘Wishbone’ chairs are re.

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Project Fall House 16 Exquisitely Shaped By A Dramatic Landscape Fall House In Big Sur California Architecture Fall House In Big Sur California. Home » Architecture » Exquisitely Shaped by a Dramatic Landscape: Fall House in Big Sur, California.

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California has lots of famous wilderness—Yosemite, Sequoia, Big Sur—but it’s rapidly losing its unfamous wildlands, says a new report out from the nonprofit research organization Conservation Science.

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This new age seeker travels from Big Sur to Ashland, sleeping on couches, bumming money for pot, free from the constraints of straight society, while subsisting on the kindness of friends and stranger.

As in the original etching, the project is about opening up our understanding of architecture towards a better interaction with nature,” O’Donnell told AN. Referencing the famous illustration from Mar.

On April 20, the marshals took legal possession of the over 3,000-square-foot ground-floor space (plus basement) that Benash occupied at 857 Seventh Avenue at West 55th Street, according to signage on.

Big Sur is the 90 mile stretch of California coast, nestled between Monterey and San Luis Obispo that is as breathtakingly beautiful and unreal as a This Big Sur road trip guide covers 10 epic Pacific coast Highway stops for that perfect northern California road trip itinerary from Carmel to San Simeon.

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A project located at the base of a canyon in the Big Sur area of Northern California, this 2,500 square foot 2 bedroom house was built for a family to enjoy together on the weekends and holidays.

3. Big Sur Coast Highway, USA If you can roll by the parade of campers and motor homes in your way, you’ll see why the coastal California highway has been dubbed an “All-American Road.” 4. Conor Pass,

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